2018/2019 Entries

Shift Competition Series

Best Friends Therapies, Jimaye Frage

Jimaye Frage recognized an issue that hit home. Every year, millions of dogs end up in animal shelters for many reasons. Some dogs may never be adopted again. Luckily for a few of our furry friends, Jimaye had a plan. The mission of Best Friends Therapies was to focus on the mental health of dogs in animal shelters so that these dogs learn to behave in a way that makes it easier for families to adopt them. Find out more by downloading his PowerPoint: Best Friends Therapies, Jimaye Frage

Choices, Katy Delahunt

Katy Delahunt sought to tackle an awkward conversation for many, but an even more important topic to discuss. Sexual education is required to be medically accurate in only 13 states, leading many teens to have misconceptions about their sexual health. This has created stigmas and fallacies leading to unintended pregnancies, the spread of STIs, and the inability of some teens to get the help they need. Katy sought to create a program to help schools teach accurate sexual education so teens can make the informed decisions needed to lead a healthy life. Learn more by downloading her PowerPoint here: Choices, Katy Delahunt

Dioskuri, Sneha Sharma and Pattryze Garate

Sneha Sharma and Pattryze Garate teamed up together for a cause of doing good at every step of their business. These two students felt passionately about the effects of pollution and climate change on the world’s oceans. Their approach paired business ethics with advocacy. Sneha and Pattryze proposed a company that would sell shoes with the drawings of endangered species for the design. Local artists would be hired to create the art for the shows and most of the profits would be donated to non-profits. Download their PowerPoint to see how their business would work: Dioskuri, Sneha Sharma and Pattryze Garate

Finance Matters, Taneyah Carter

Taneyah Carter is aware of an issue facing many people, particularly college students. Taneyah states that over half of all college students feel they are “barely keeping up” financially. Her goal was to create a training program for college students  to learn about spending, saving, debt, budgeting, and much more. Find out the details of her program with the PowerPoint here: Finance Matters, Taneyah Carter

Military Miracles, Venus Johnson

Venus Johnson grew up in a military family. She faced the hardships of having to move frequently. With her experience, Venus wanted to create a program to provide mentors and counselors to the children of military families. The goal would be to provide a rock to the child whose world is always shifting. Discover how Military Miracles would accomplish this with the PowerPoint here: Military Miracles, Venus Johnson

Ambiance, Sharon Mu

Sharon Mu combined fashion and environmentalism in a way to create social good. Every year, tons of clothes goes to waste while shelves are restocked with new clothes. Sharon created a company which would take the waste fabric of clothing companies and make new products to sell online. Check out her business here: Ambiance, Sharon Mu

Justyce, Simran Samra

Simran Samra is devoted to the idea that everyone deserves to start at the same starting line. That start for most children is created in grade school. Atlanta, GA has been unable to properly provide the needs of its students. Simran proposed a clothing brand called “Justyce”. These trendy outfits would have a portion of the profit funding public schools in the Atlanta area. Learn more about this new brand here: Justyce, Simran Samra

StockText, Corey Huang

Corey Huang choose to tackle an issue plaguing many college students, textbooks. It is not a secret that text books have soared in prices. Corey’s solution was to create an app that would allow students to sell textbooks directly to one another without a third-party book store. Find out more about his app here: StockText, Corey Huang

Vinergy Mentoring, Jada Rodgers, Akilah Crittenden, and Arion Berry

These three young women teamed together to tackle an issue preventing other young black women in the Milwaukee area from advancing in life. Over half of the black students in the Milwaukee Public Schools are struggling in English Language Arts and Mathematics. Jada, Akilah, and Arion created a mentoring program to assist high school women in the school system to prepare them for graduation and college. Learn how this program works with the PowerPoint here: Vinergy Mentoring, Jada Rodgers, Akilah Crittenden, and Arion Berry

SucceEdu, Joe Callica

Joe recognizes the importance of having a good guidance counselor when applying for colleges. Unfortunately for many students, it can be difficult for the school guidance counselor to provide the one on one guidance needed for the process. Especially in lower income families where the child may be the first member to attend college, the process is extremely daunting. Joe created an app to allow students all over the country to meet with guidance counselors. Explore how this app would work with the PowerPoint here: SucceEdu, Joe Callica

Virtuoso Presentation, Wilson Hsu

The road to becoming a proficient musician is long and tough. Having a good teacher while young and a chance to teach once at a collegiate level are essential steps in this process. Wilson combined these two by offering elementary students in Atlanta school districts lacking in the funds needed for a music program lessons taught by college musicians. See how this program would work with the PowerPoint here: Virtuoso Presentation, Wilson Hsu


Menstruation is a topic generally considered tabooed. The taboos surrounding the topic makes it difficult for women in many countries to live fulfilling lives and pursue education. Neha proposes the Red Ribbon of Courage to provide relief so that way women around the world can take control of their lives. View her presentation with this link: https://prezi.com/view/1OWnzA2BZWcNczoLGuKD/

Jika, Munaka Ramite

Being an artisan is a difficult way to make ends meet even in developed nations. Nations with developing economies are even more difficult to make a living as an artisan. Munaka proposed a company which would sell the products of South African artisans while paying fair wages to these artisans. Learn about the business model with this PowerPoint: Jika, Munaka Ramite

Community Cups, Joseph VanGostein

Joseph created Community Cups with the goal of reducing pollution from plastic. The company would create reusable cups that could be refilled at an participating chain restaurant with a sales discount. Find out about Community Cups with the PowerPoint here:  Community Cups, Joseph VanGostein

The Local Path, Diego Oliverio

To tackle the issues created by mass tourism, Diego envisioned a service to turn tourist dollars into local investments. He wanted to take travelers “off the beaten path” while enabling those travelers to be responsible to the communities hosting them and to the environment. See his PowerPoint here: The Local Path, Diego Oliverio

Maximizing Your Impact

Maximizing Your Impact, Howard University Chapter

The Howard University Chapter of Social Impact 360 came up with a training program and recommendations for a local auto company to become a more socially responsible company. From employee benefits to performance evaluation, their plan would improve employee moral and the community. See how this would be done with the PowerPoint here: Maximizing Your Impact, Howard University Chapter

Maximize Your Impact_ Future of Business Fordham University SI360

The Fordham University Chapter of Social Impact 360 created a business model for auto part supply stores. The goal of this model was to make the industry use less waste and recycle more parts that end up not being used. Explore the model with the PowerPoint here: Maximize Your Impact_ Future of Business Fordham University SI360